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    It ended. Wish there were 24 more chapters!

    It is something that everyone should be required to read in school. Not just for the big ideas and insight, but for the example of having an idea, taking action and not giving up.

    The biggest idea I found in your book — Do not be an Adult.

    Let me explain – an article from Business Insider –
    A psychologist says there’s one key sign you’ve transitioned to adulthood

    “Part of what it means to be an adult is you make choices, and stop constantly hoping for something better. You realize that the range of possibilities that is open to you is not unlimited.” “They realize they can’t get exactly what they wanted, so they decide that what they can get is good enough.”

    Well that sucks. To be an adult means you give up on your dreams and settle for how things are. If that’s the meaning, then I don’t want to be an adult! The range of possibilities really is unlimited and you have shown that.

    Thanks so much for, not just the book, but the sharing of your time. I am guessing $37 covers about 17 seconds worth.

    PS: I understand disabling the copy function but it would be nice to be able to paste.

    PSS: link to article


    E. Brian Rose

    So glad you liked it! There are more chapters that didn’t make it into the book. I will be sharing them with ya’ll in time. Oh and I’ve disabled the copy and paste protection from the chat forum, so posting links is easier.



    I felt the same way. I got to the end – sad it ended! What an amazing story, full of serious take-aways. Well done, EBR! *cheers*



    I never knew who Brian Rose until Lynn Terry shared the book.
    Immediately i got hold it because Lynn always shares what she thinks is good.
    Amazing book but ended very fast .. hope you can add more chapter soon because the fire in me is lighted up .. lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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