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    Im struggeling making money online.I have tried for many years,but not suceeded.I have been many years on shareasale with my page and others but not made any sale.What is the best way making money on the net?Im not looking to be filthy rich.Just to have my ownn income.

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    E. Brian Rose

    The secret sauce to selling online is…

    Find a problem that a lot of people have and provide a solution.

    Information products are no different than tangible items. People don’t buy things. They buy results. Have a dirty floor? Buy this mop. Need a way to get more traffic? Buy that ebook.

    Very few people buy information just for the heck of it. They buy it to solve a problem. When you create your sales copy, squeeze pages, or the infoproduct itself, be sure and remind the customer of that problem and the fact that you have the solution.



    Thank you for answering me:) I actually got a great idea now ,but dont want to share it public.Maybe we could be partners with that idea? it is very big potential ,and world wide costumers.I will tell you the idea .I actually have two ideas.1 idea i told richard g lewis,and he agreed with me ,but did not want to do the idea ,because he thought the target audience would not want it.Or did not understand it.Maybe Richard wants later

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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