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    Hey EBR, love the book so far, really great read and chockablock full of incredible advice. Was wanting to ask you about some new products I’m launching soon.

    I’m a hypnotherapist with years of training and experience with helping people make long term change face to face. Wanting to help even more people and give them a way that is time effective and can be repeated as much as needed, I’m launching two killer products soon, one to help with quit smoking and the other to help with weight loss.

    Affiliates are a key part to my business model, however long term I’m really wanting to get medical doctors on board with sending their patients my way. Doctors are an absolute gold mine to get on board as they (at least in Australia) do not take a commission due to ethical rules, instead they refer because they need their patient to get healthy. Furthermore if you get a few GP clinics on board you can be seeing hundreds of sales per week. So that is a huge thing for me. The problem is they are particular and easily put off. Doctors love knowing who to send people to, no doctor is going to spend hours treating someone to quit smoking they want to outsource that, but they are picky and I don’t want affiliates who damage the brand.

    My question is in two parts, the first is regarding signing up affiliates, how do I go about screening them. If I even get just one who acts unethically say by using malware, starts making false claims or ones that are insulting towards the medical profession it can really damage the brand and this amazing opportunity for growth.

    Second is a little bit more down the track maybe. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia however the product is digital so can be purchased anywhere. I would like to find affiliates who can go to doctors, inform them of the great benefits of this program, and explain why it is in their best interest to be sending customers our way. It’d be a great passive income, all you’d need to do after would be restocking doctors every few weeks with pamphlets.

    Do you have any suggestions as to how to go about finding affiliates who may be interested in this new frontier of affiliate marketing?


    E. Brian Rose

    Ok, let’s tackle the online affiliate recruitment, first.

    I suggest looking for other product creators in the stop smoking and weight loss niche. These people have a buyers list and are always on the lookout for related products to recommend to their list. As far as weeding out the bad ones, just look at the promotions they run for their own products. If they fit your ethical assessment, then approach them. If not, move on to the next.

    As for recruiting people to recruit doctors… I’d recommend doing it in house, meaning you or an employee hit up clinics with a soft pitch and then send the fliers or hire someone to deliver them. Why try and complicate things by recruiting affiliates to recruit doctors? Besides, this way you get to keep all the money, rather than splitting it.

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